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Rising Above Climate Change


Rising Above Climate Change
– Sharing the Uganda NAPA experience

Not only the climate changes are real. Also the impact on water resources, food security and health, sectors essential to the human survival, is real and happening.
This poses a major challenge for sustainability of life, ecosystems, livelihoods and development of national economies also in Uganda.

Adaptation to the adverse effects of climate change is vital to reduce the impacts of today and increase resilience to future impacts. The question is how.

This film will bring you closer to the experiences, challenges and solutions found in four pilot projects in different ecosystems in Uganda, implemented by The National Adaptation Programme of Action (NAPA) in Uganda

Music: Girls in Airports (All rights reserved)
Duration: 38:00 min.
Language: English

Production year: 2013

Video journalist and editor:
Tanja Jørgensen

Dr. Barbara Siegmund,
Principal Programme Officer – Adaptation, Climate Change Unit, CIM Integrated Expert
Bob Natifu, Climate Change Unit

Søren Gensbøl

Sound mix:
Michael Svensson

Voice over:
Scott Farrell

Girls in Airports, composer: Martin Stender

Special thanks to all participants and:
The District Local Government of Apac
The District Local Government of Bundibugyo
The District Local Government of Nakasongola
The District Local Government of Pallisa
Agency for Promoting Sustainable Development Initiatives – ASDI
Africa Climate Change Resilience Alliance – ACCRA
Development Network of Indigenous Voluntary Associations – DENIVA

Produced by Tvjournalist.dk for:
The Climate Change Unit, Ministry of Water and Environment, Uganda in collaboration with DANIDA
© 2013.